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Functional Skills

Functional Skills Qualifications (FSQs) in English and maths teach practical skills in English and Maths for all learners aged 14 and above. They equip students with the essential knowledge, skills and understanding that will enable them to operate confidently, effectively and independently in life and work. Functional Skills English Level 2 and Level 1 is a GCSE-equivalent qualification  which can help you with university entry requirements or access course applications if you do not hold for example a GCSE qualification or other secondary school certificate which was deemed comparable to UK standard GCSE's by UK's agency for recognising international qualifications and skills, Naric. 




  • Learning style: E-Learning/ blended

  • Duration: 3-6 Months each level

  • Venue:  Mogadishu or London for  in-person group sessions / online for virtual classes

  • Registration: The Office of Qualifications and  Examination Regulation ( Ofqual, England) 

  • Awarding Body: Highfield Qualifications

Your journey to your qualification


After you register and make payments, you will be assigned a course coordinator who will make contact with you and help you through the process including placing you into a suitable class. They will set up your logging details to the Skills System .They will support you through the following steps:

  • Initial assessments:  This is to determine your current academic level. You will be placed at the next level above your score in the initial assessment

  • Diagnostic Assessment: To identify areas of strengths and gaps in knowledge . This will help the design of a tailored support program

  • Placement : Based on your diagnostic assessment results, you will be placed into your ability group( In-person/Online)

  • Class Work: This will include interactive  resources, tutor-led topic revisions, periodic skills and knowledge checks including quizzes and practice questions

  •  Exam Practice Sessions: These will be conducted at the end of your course when you re working at the desired level. They will be on screen and will mimic  actual exam conditions

  • Your Examinations: Once deemed ready, you will scheduled on a date(s) at your best convenience. The exams will be on screen and will be arranged and invigilated remotely in real-time through the secure ProtoctorExam of Highfield Qualifications

  • Certification: If passed , you will be certificated by our Awarding Body, Highfield Qualifications in the UK.(You can show this to universities, colleges and employers)


What will you study?

The amount of learning and the duration is initially determined by your diagnostics assessment results. Functional Skills Qualifications are 5 levels, Entry Level1, Entry Level2, Entry Level3, Level 1 and Level 2. Whatever your current level is, you will get the support you need to go through the levels until you are ready for your final exams. For more information, please download the course qualification handbook of the Highfield Qualifications.

Watch this video for an overview of the reformed FS English Level 1





The English Course Content

The course focuses on three mandatory components; Speaking& listening, Reading and Writing each of which are assessed separately. All of the tasks and assessments are based on practical real-life situations which you could encounter in your work or home life. They also include the use of presentation skills as well as using grammar, spelling and punctuation correctly.

Please download  the qualification specification for this unit here:

The English Exam

 At the end of your course or when you become ready to sit the exam,   you will be   assessed in three areas; Speaking &Listening, Reading and Writing.


 Please download here the qualification structure here:


The Maths Course Content

The maths course focuses on 4 areas;  Using Numbers and Number System; Measures, Shape and space; Handling Information and Data and Solving Mathematical Problems and Decision Making.

For maths course content click here:




The Maths Exam

The exam will contain concepts learned in the 4 course areas and will consist of two parts:

The calculator Test ( 1hr 50mins)

The non-calculator test (4o minutes)

Please download here the qualification structure:



Course duration

This course is designed  to complete  up to 12 weeks based on 4 hours of guided learning – but it all depends on the level you are at and the pace you intend to work at. There are student who complete it under 2 months. 


In the unfortunate event that you are not successful in your examination, you have the chance to re-sit the examination for a small fee of  $60 with the free revision classes. 


Why choose us?

Alifya British Academy is an academy founded on the principle of bringing quality British education to Somali pupils at the most affordable rates. In addition to this:

  • We have  subject specialised tutors who have the experience of  teaching Somali students

  • Somali speaking assistant teachers are there to guide you through your learning alongside your tutor

  • Our qualifications are Fully Accredited and UK Recognised

  • Fast progression thanks to  further teacher intervention after classes

  • Learn further qualifications at discounted rates

  • You can interact with fellow students from other parts of the world through our Student Forum

  • Technical Support  available in Somali

  • Learn from the comfort of your home

  • Take your exams at home



    Study in a group?








      Study privately







If you would like a call back or need more information, then please enter your details at the bottom of this page and press Submit or call us on:



Pay in full: $180

Instalment Plan:

$70 per month

Pay in full: $600

Instalment Plan:

$200 per month

The Reformed FS English L2

The Reformed FS Maths L1& L2

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